Party, talks, shows and installations in pop-up format.

Arcades and indie video games coexist with animations and visuals to the rhythm of the music of guest DJs. At each meeting, we encourage local artists to submit their works to the BIT BANG Fest, with the intention of creating a national network of independent authors and artists.


What is the BIT BANG Club? Everything we want it to be!

We believe that the arts are an integral part of life and that active participation in culture contributes to a peaceful and happy coexistence, that is why we created the BIT BANG Club.

We know that there are other ways of telling, that is why we give rise to the diversity of voices, bringing and getting closer to new audiences.

We present other ways of seeing through animation, video games, virtual reality and digital art. We move, we have parties, projections, arcades, we are a restless community that does. We focus above all on the authorial and experimental.

The BIT BANG Club is a project that provides access to quality artistic content and experiences for expression, learning and reflection. We are interested in spreading the pleasure, joy and peace that come from the full use of the human imagination.

Our community is a community of collective creation full of energy and life, which brings you a wide range of cultural, artistic and educational offerings, so that you can experience them. We want to stimulate you, so that you empower yourself with the arts and technology and grow with them. Best of all, we are open to new ideas and proposals. We feed on everything around us.

Let’s put together a Club of cultural significance where the transfer of knowledge is promoted through games, the arts and, well, parties, why not.

We are a group of people with the vision of providing a space for creative diversity, joint creation, innovation, dialogue and the birth of projects.

By getting involved, you are directly helping to fulfill our mission of cultivating and promoting culture through the art of animation, video games, and virtual reality.

Let’s get inspired and inspire new generations.

We want to continue expanding the BIT BANG Community, more and more.

Bit Bang Club
BIT BANG Club Dates

Feb, 15: Otra Historia Club Cultural

Nov, 26: Club Lucero
Nov, 19: Club Lucero
Nov, 12: Club Lucero
Nov, 5: Club Lucero
Sep, 28: Otra Historia Club Cultural
Sep, 27: Local
Sep, 26: Arcade Club Social
Sep, 25: Club Lucero

Sep, 24: Bar El Destello
Aug, 3: Club 911
Jul, 27: Local
Jul, 20: Club Lucero
Jul, 7: Espacio Ro
May, 25: La Confitería
May, 11: Local
Apr, 30: Espacio Ro
Apr, 20: Local
Apr, 17: Espacio Ro
Mar, 9: Local
Feb, 8: Local

Dec, 14: Local
Oct, 21: Local
Oct, 3: Local
Sep, 8: Local
Jul, 12: Local
Jun, 22: Local
Mar, 29-Apr, 1: El Ventilador, Santa Fe
Mar, 8: Arcade Club Social
Feb, 15: Arcade Club Social
Jan, 10-12: Cine Bajo las Estrellas en Villa María, Córdoba

Nov, 3: Arcade Club Social